Meet Our Founder - Shell McClue

Elite University of Texas prides itself on offering a comprehensive and challenging academic experience for all students. Our curriculum spans a wide range of disciplines including science, theology, literacy, music, and art. Each day at Elite U is carefully crafted to provide opportunities for personal growth and enrichment, all while fostering a fun and engaging learning environment. Our dedicated faculty are committed to ensuring that each student receives the highest quality education, and we are proud to be a part of their journey towards achieving their academic goals. At Elite U of TX, we strive to prepare our students for success in their chosen careers and as responsible members of their communities.

I’m a small town country girl from St. Martinville, LA with big dreams and a heart to match. Since I was a kid, I always aspired to teach others. Whether it be something I learned at school, a dance routine, or the Word of God; I had to inform the world! I would  gather my stuffed animals and dolls all up on my bed and teach to them. I used the walls in my bedroom as my chalkboard, so I could teach to my students! One year my mom bought me a typewriter and my diary became a thing of the past. Excitedly, I started writing books, plays, & music.  I later decided that my undergrad would be in Chemistry and Chemistry Education with a minor in music Ed. My plan was to utilize my teachers salary to assist with the costs of medical school. Little did I know God had a different path for me.

I became an entrepreneur at the age of 18. I’ve owned several different businesses and non-profit organizations since then. Throughout the years I became a mother to 8 amazing children here on Earth, and one Angel in heaven.  In the mid 2000’s I decided to get my CDL and go on the road as a lady trucker and start my trucking business. It was because of my time on the road I was able to mastermind and design Elite U of Texas. First in my head, then on paper, and now I walk through the halls of Elite U.  I am blessed to be living my dream out loud, and also have amazing active students and talented staff members around me each day, helping to keep my dream alive!

- Shell McClue President of Elite U of Texas