About Us

Elite U of Texas, as a pioneering institution, is at the forefront of leading the way towards a more promising future. Grounded in our unwavering commitment to academic excellence, urban engagement, and equal opportunities, we tirelessly strive to foster a sustainable world. Through accessibility, innovation, collaboration, engagement, sustainability, and transformation, we persistently pursue greatness. We cordially invite you to embark on this transformative journey with us, as we collectively aspire for a better tomorrow.
man holding his graduation cap

Who we are

Elite U of TX is a prospering educational organization that is committed to providing an academically rigorous education to all. From science to theology, to literacy, to music and art, each day at the Elite U is filled with enriching and fun activities.

Vision statement

Elite U of Texas is a driving force for the culture, economy, workforce, and vitality of
Texas state. Our grads think critically and make meaningful contributions to both their career
fields and their communities. EUT is a private higher education community whose students, faculty, staff, and alumni make profound and significant contributions to the economic and social vitality of the region.

Mission statement

We are a leading institution in our community, dedicated to preparing future leaders for careers in health, education, computer science, logistics, and other fields that will contribute to the betterment of our community. Our educators are committed to ensuring that all students, regardless of their background, gain the necessary skills to succeed and become competent and confident professionals. At Elite U of Texas, we prioritize skill readiness, empowering our students to become successful practitioners.

Our Strategic Goal

At EUT we will continue to be a globally recognized leader in student success and an active partner in building and maintaining academic excellence and the economic vitality of the communities it serves.

Our Core Values


Trusting relationships and an ethical reputation with those we serve (students, faculty, employees, community, business, other educational institutions, government).


Being honest and sincere
Being fair and reasonable
Acting responsibly by meeting commitments and obligations
Remaining true to the academic disciplines
Consistently achieving exceptional results that delight those we serve.


Being accountable through the evaluation and adjustment of our services, processes, and programs as needed to assure timeliness, quality, effectiveness, and financial stability
Providing superior learning experiences and services
Being learner-focused to meet the needs of those we serve
Encouraging continuous improvement and lifelong learning, growth
Being innovative and proactive
Positive and productive relationships and environment for those we serve.


Openly exchanging thoughts, messages, information, and ideas throughout our college and community
Fostering an environment of belonging, acceptance
Encouraging participation, involvement, and collaboration
Demonstrating spirit, sound teamwork principles, and practices
Empowering others by enabling them to make decisions, and take actions that match their capabilities
Continuously meeting the changing needs of those we serve.


Providing relevant, meaningful educational services
Being flexible and willing to change
Developing and demonstrating the competencies, as well as versatility needed for continuing success
Anticipating and capitalizing on opportunities for growth, success
Taking appropriate risks that contribute to learning, growth, or ultimate success
Providing a safe and secure learning environment for the personal and intellectual growth of those we serve, preparing them to participate in an increasingly changing world.

To Promote

Promoting and upholding our vision that all are treated with equality, fairness, dignity, and respect.
Delivering a curriculum and services which are inclusive of global considerations and that value the voices, experiences, and worth of a variety of cultural perspectives.
Fostering educational practices which support the learning styles of each unique human being.